Being married sure keeps the wife busy sey! Or more like I don’t have the luxury to blog as there are more pressing issues that I have to attend to.

I do still think I should finish my vendor reviews, right? Right. Hahaha Insya Allah I will get around to doing it.

I haven’t been reading blogs sey! I really do miss reading them! Buut, honestly, really don’t have the time sey. (Ni pon sempat blog coz my husband is watching football so kirakan ada spare time lar tuuu. :P)

Alhamdulillah I have found an office job 10mins away from home. Very convenient to go to work! The colleagues are good cuma I feel like I’m missing something. Couldn’t put my finger on that feeling but husband says it’s prolly coz it’s a new environment that I’m still adapting. Oh wells!



Post-wedding blues


Feels too long since the last post! heh Anyways, as you can guess from my absence, our wedding happened, we went for honeymoon and now I’m settling down in my husband’s home. I am currently still jobless so that gives me more time to get to know our home and his family.

Our wedding was pretty smooth I would say. No major hiccups stood out to us. I wanted to do a mini review but I think I should just do a full on review when I get the photographs. How is it sad that I don’t have much photos with me??

I miss our wedding, Turkey and my family espesh my nenek. 😦

4 days to go!

Say whutttt!

As of right now, I have yet to feel the jitters. I’m more worried actually. Because I still have a few things to do. I know I can finished them but I will feel more at ease once they are done.

  • dulangs
  • bunga rampai
  • printed stuff frm JB printer
  • bridal room decor

And uh! My tables and chairs da sampai sey! So early or what?!

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 11.48.22 pm.png

Anyway, I have alot of things to blog about actually. But I don’t think I have the time to do it. Will have to do it after the wedding!





I just realised that the only thing I have never blogged about is the honeymoon! Guess where we are going???

Image source: http://www.e-perpustakaan.com


I wish we could fly away to Turkey in a heartbeat.

I wish we could be amidst the heart of the Grand Bazaar,
Hearing the vendors peddling their wares to anyone who catches their eyes.

I wish we could breathe in the exotic scent of spices whilst walking down the Spice Bazaar,
Feasting our eyes on vivid coloured spices that lay before us.

– A, your bride

I wished I had time to write more. But I will just stop here and continue on my tasks. Bleargh

#ProjextDIY: Tags & Signages

Initially, I got the help of my designer BM to help me design my guestcard. And then later on I decided I wanna tambah2 more things. But since he is very busy with work, I thought I would just do it myself.

So while I was DIY-ing my hantaran tags and table signages, I ran into a lot of problems. Main reason is coz I dunno know how to use editing software like Illustrator. So I decided to google for downloadable designs where I can just tampal2 the words and then ta-da I’m done.

I was going for the watercolour look so I downloaded a few from Something Peach. You can use this as a background and then add text to it and maybe kalau pandai, tambah borders ke.


Next, Wedding Chicks. You can download a variety of things from Save the Dates, invitation card and even signs and labels. Once you picked a design, you have to edit and input your details and then press download. Now you have your very own version!

So I actually finished doing everything. And then when I showed A, he said it would be more cohesive if all my designs are the same. Coz currently, I am using Design A for a few things, and then Design B for a few things. And then it got me thinking. I decided to pester my designer BM to help me out again and I think he got annoyed with me (Oopss!) In the end he sent me the working files and I had to suck it up and try figure out Illustrator. To which I did, with the help of my best friend aka Mr Google!

FINALLY! After so many trial and error, I managed to finish everything and sent them to the JB printer last sat. I’m hoping the printer can finished them by wed coz they said that it will prolly be done by friday. I don’t think I can leave the house on friday leiii!

Ya Allah, pls ease my affairs!

Of cramps and warning

(This post was supposed to be published so long ago. But I forgot to do so. LOL)

Finally this arduous task is over!

Oh I’m referring to the task of packing 1100 berkats. I did mostly on my own. And this is no easy feat.

Last week I clocked in 10hours of non-stop labour, packing about 500pcs on my own! *fistpump* Pastu complain bontot cramp, kaki cramp and belakang saket. Sendiri carik nahas kannn

These are things to consider before you proceed:

  • Step 1: Decide if you are stubborn like me
  • Step 2: Decide if you have ample time to finish it
  • Step 3: Maseh jugak nak buat? Tsk. Jangan cakap aku tak warning kau eh
  • Step 4: Just chiong and pack even if you feel like your back is gonna break
  • Step 5: Question yourself a few times, “What the shit have I got myself into”
  • Step 6: Ta-da! You are done! *pats own back*

Hahaha don’t take my advice too seriously hor! But yar it is definitely not easy especially if you don’t really have anyone to help you. But towards the end, I had the help of my ex-colleague and my siblings.

Sometimes nenek will sit outside with me. Coz she said she can’t help me physically so the only thing she can to is to teman me. So sweet of her. Really I’m touched.



I will be jobless come 29th April. Technically, my official last day is end may. I am currently serving my notice but after 29th I do not have to come to work anymore coz my leave, off days and PHs will be enough to cover a month’s worth of notice.

I decided to leave due to a number of reasons.

  • I wanna wear hijab full time after the wedding and this job does not allow me to do so
  • It is hard to tunaikan my 5 waktu even though I work near a masjid. This is coz the working hours does not allow me to sneak off and pray. I can only do so during my lunch/ dinner break
  • I wanna focus more on my family after the wedding so that’s why I need office hours timing
  • I am tired of this industry. I don’t like it but I had to stick with it coz couldn’t find opportunities elsewhere

The main reason why I chose to leave now is mainly becoz my workplace does not allow me to take more than 10 days of leave consecutively. This is a problem coz I planned to leave for my honeymoon right after the wedding. That would mean I have to take more than 14 days of leave. So yeah, that sealed the deal.

I have been in this industry for many years and the only thing I will missed is the weekdays off. Weekends are just too crowded!

I have yet to find any job yet but insya Allah, I know He has a plan for me. I just gotta be patient. Pls pray for me kay babes? 🙂